Community Involvement

I never say no!

I can remember as a young boy my dad having me deliver Xmas gifts to neighbors and friends. He was so appreciative of his customers. He would always have holiday parties for all the customers, he would arrange trips and alike to give back what he could. I guess this instilled in me to never take customers for granted and by giving back to your community you help make it stronger. I have been blessed in my life to meet so many nice people and have been able to help out many along the way. I have on going relationships with The Variety Club of Buffalo, Juvenile Diabetes, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The Aids community of Buffalo and Lancaster High School. I offer yearly Scholarships to Students at Trocaire College and also through the Italian Federation. Over the years I think I have given to enough Chinese Auction, Benefits and other Charities that I could probably settle the National Debt. But That’s Ok, I love doing it and I love working this hard to be able to do It. As described previously on my website, I have recently purchased and developed a prime piece of real estate on Transit road to keep it “Green” and then donated it back to the town as Patriots and Hero’s Park. And I am not done yet! I have created the Russell J Salvatore Foundation to which I am leaving instructions to continue my efforts for many years to come.

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